I'm having issues with my video tour

Updated 1 month ago by Lucas Jaramillo

If you are at a property and having issues with your live video tour, follow these steps to try and reconnect with the lead:

  1. If you are having issues with the video tour, call the lead right away, to let them know you're having some issues with the video call and you'll join shortly.
  2. The issue is probably related to a permission issue - the app/browser can’t access the microphone and or camera. Please follow these steps to check it:
    1. Tap the Aa on the left top corner while you are in the chat room page
    2. Next, tap Website Settings
    3. Make sure microphone and camera are allowed
    4. If that didn't work, call the lead from your phone and follow the next steps.
  3. When you connect with the lead, coordinate with them to switch to either FaceTime or WhatsApp to continue the tour.
  4. If you are still running into reception issues and the other apps aren't working, please apologize to the lead and mark the tour as a 'Technical Issue.' (You will need to call Showdigs to allow this tour to be closed).
  5. If you were able to complete the tour with FaceTime or WhatsApp, after you've submitted your tour report, text Showdigs Support to report any issues you had with the video tour, so we can run a test together.

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