Live Video Tour

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What is a Live Video Tour?

This is a case were you won't meet the prospect in person. Instead once you'll arrive at the property you will connect with the prospect on a video call and will show it around that way.

How Do I Know It's a Video Tour?

A video tour will have an indication both on requests page and on tours page:

How To Operate A Video Tour?

  1. Two minutes before the scheduled tour time, a text message with a link to the dedicated video room will be sent to both Agent and Prospect.
  2. Click the link and the Video Room will show up on your phone.
    The video room opens in a standard browser window. No need to install any special application or to add the prospect as a contact to your phone:

  1. Wait for the prospect to join and introduce yourself.
    (If the prospect doesn't join within 2 minutes call to check if he is still planning to join. If there's no reply, wait few minutes then call again and text. Wait 15 minutes before leaving the property and mark it as a 'No show')
    NOTE: If there are any reception issues, call the prospect and switch to Face Time or WhatsApp call.
  2. Switch to back camera (left icon) and walk through the house interacting with the prospect the whole time:
    1. Be engaging - ask questions, keep the conversation - treat it as if it would be an in-person tour.
    2. Remember to show all the same features you would in-person (appliances, outside view if possible, exterior part etc...
    3. Don't move too fast, ask if the pace is good for the prospect
  3. After the tour, submit a tour report on Showdigs app, just like an in-person tour

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