What phone do I need to use Showdigs?

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Showdigs supports both iOS and Android phones. We support most recent devices as the hardware requirements are relatively modest.

Minimal operating system version

To use our iOS app, you will need a phone with iOS version 10.0 or above

To use our Android app, you will need a phone with Android version 8.0 or above

We do not support running the app on tablets or other non-phone devices.

App updates

We frequently release updates to our app, so it is required to have a recent version of our app installed in order to benefit from the improvements we add. We highly recommend enabling automatic updates for apps on your phone - Here's how to do it on iOS and here on Android


The Showdigs app will ask for several special permissions as needed.

  • Location permissions - we will need them to determine your general location so we can match you to relevant activities. We are using the best tools possible to make sure we minimize your battery and GPS usage.
  • Photo / Photo library permissions - to allow uploading your profile picture as needed
  • Notification permissions - so we can update you on new activities and activity-critical information.

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