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Showdigs Support Contact Information:


Phone: (206) 457 - 2485

General Terms:

Agent addendum:

Rules Of Professional Conduct:

Client Privacy:
  1. Never share or show the lock box / access info with the prospect or with anyone else. This includes technical issues where you might be having trouble opening lockbox or keypad entry.
  2. Do not take leads contact information and add to any CRM without their permission. (It is OK to give your business card)
  1. Do NOT contact the property manager for ANY reason. If there is an issue, question or request call Showdigs Live Operations Support line.
  2. Do not promise anything to the lead that is not clearly listed on the listing ad such as cleaning, painting, repairs, etc... and do not offer promises on behalf of the Property Manager or their response time.
  3. Rental rates are not generally negotiated - please be aware of that, even if you showed a property many times, or it has been on the market a long time, do not assume the price will be negotiated. Landlords have a bottom line as most businesses do.
  4. Do not speak bad or share your opinion with the prospect about a bad service from the Property Manager. Apologize for any bad experiences in the past and remain positive.
General Showdigs Agent Professionalism
  1. Agent No-Shows are not tolerated. If you misplace your phone before a tour, you need to get in contact with Showdigs another way so we can get you to your tour on-time or assign to another agent.
  2. If there is an emergency and you are running late please call lead to explain estimated time of arrival and let Showdigs know as well.
  3. For safety and liability: Do not bring anyone to our client’s properties. This includes spouses, kids, colleagues, and pets.
  4. Do not offer to show the prospect ANY other rental property that you know of. This can be considered steering.
  5. The property you are showing or inspecting is not for sale. Please do not ask if the lead can rent to own, purchase or if you can sell.
  6. Always refer prospect to the property manager if there is a question that cannot be answered by the listing or notes page in agent app. Do not assume or guess.
  7. Always lock property each time you leave the unit, even if you are leaving the unit just to meet the prospect who is waiting at the building entrance.
  8. As a reminder, always be professional and consistent. Our Property Manager clients can book tours for themselves to see how our agents are representing them. Showdigs generally does not know of these surprise tours until after the tour takes place.
  9. We understand that mistakes happen so please call our support line immediately if you think something did not go well.
  10. Showdigs will never ask you to do anything you are not comfortable with. Our communication line is always open and you can deny any task we offer you.
  11. Finally, Have fun!

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