Open House Style Showing

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What is an open house style showing?

This is a new type of showing: scheduled for 1, 1.5, or 2-hour window that consists of 15-minute, back-to-back appointments. This allows a property manager to book a showing window, which can fit up to four prospects per hour.

Rates start at $40. You will see the exact rate on the app before accepting the open house.

The only thing different about this style of showing is that you'll be there for longer (at least one hour, up to two hours) and get paid more.

It's very important to arrive earlier and make sure LB is located and you're able to access the property. We'd like to clear any technical issues in advance because it impacts more leads than a regular tour. 

How does it work?

  1. You'll receive the tour request and see that it's an open house style. Just like our other tours, you can accept or reject it.
  2. On the tour details you will see how many prospects are expected to arrive. More prospects can show up during the open house - the list in the app will update accordingly:
  3. All prospects info are visible on the tour details page (scroll down to see them all). To save you time from keeping notes, you can mark each prospect's arrival and likelihood to apply at this level already, before you complete the tour report at the end on the open house:
  4. At the end of the showing window submit a tour report, like with any other tour. If you've already marked the arrival and interest of the leads, the info will be save and presented for your review, to allow you to make changes if needed:
  5. Please note that with Open house the outcome can only be "Completed" or "Technical issue". Even if no one showed up it’s not a no-show. Just don't mark any lead ad "Arrived".
  6. That's it! You'll get paid based on the hourly rate of the open house.

Important Note:

Please call and text each prospect if they have not arrived on time, like you do for any showing. You are expected to stay in the property the full hour, 1.5 or 2 hours, and not just 15 minutes for the prospect to come. Prospects might be able to schedule on a very short notice, knowing that someone is there at the property within the planned window. Hence the name 'open house style showing'.

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