What do I need to do at each Showing?

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As an experienced Real Estate Agent, you know how to show properties. Because our service is designed for the rental market, we've created a step-by-step process for showing these properties. Following these steps will ensure you do it successfully

Get ready for showing

  1. Dress as if you’re meeting your own client.
  2. In the app, read the property information so that you're prepared to answer general questions about the property (e.g. "Are pets allowed?")
  3. Arrive at the property 5-10 minutes before the scheduled tour time. This will give you time to:
     -  Locate the lock box
    -  Turn on lights and/or open the blinds to let light in
    - Turn on A/C or furnace depending on the season.
    -  Check the property to make sure nothing looks out of the ordinary

*If you have any issues accessing the property or the information you need for the tour; please call Showdigs Support (206) 457-2485, or text us (206) 202-8069.*

During the showing

  1. Greet the prospect and introduce yourself as a local broker representing the property manager to provide access to the property. 
  2. Give the prospect as much time to look around as they need and during that time engage in a conversation with them to learn as much as you can about the prospects:
    • Why are they moving?
    • What neighborhoods they’re looking for?
    • What specifically did they like or dislike about the property?
    • Likelihood to apply, and why
    If the prospect has any questions about the property that you cannot answer, let them know you will let the property manager know and they will follow-up with them.
  3. Remind the prospect that they can apply online using the link that was sent to them via text before the tour. (Additional text and and email will be sent shortly after the tour as well).

After the showing

Immediately after the prospect left use the app to submit a tour report with all the details you gathered during your conversation with the prospect:

  1. Select the relevant tour from 'Tours' page.
  2. Click 'Finish & Review'.
  3. Select the tour outcome - 'Successful tour'.
  4. Complete the survey and provide a detailed and meaningful report.
  5. Turn the lights off & close the blinds, turn off the A/C or furnace if it was turned on.
  6. Lock all doors and windows and ensure that no water faucets were left running.
  7. Return the key to the lock box and scramble the lock box combination.

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