Getting ready for your Showdigs tour [VIDEO]

Updated 10 months ago by Gabby de Janasz

Watch the video below to see Kristen prepare for a Showdigs tour!

Here's the breakdown:

  1. Arrive to the property 5 minutes early (if possible)
  2. Open lockbox (make sure not to share the code with anyone)
  3. Turn on all the lights, pull back the curtains and open the blinds
  4. Get to know the layout of the property
  5. Be positive about the property (remember: the prospect is look to rent, not buy)
  6. Share your knowledge about the neighborhood with the prospect
  7. Learn what you can about the prospect and answer any questions they have
  8. Remind the prospect that the link to apply will be in their text messages
  9. Turn off all the lights and lock up
  10. Fill out your tour report in the app

That's it! We hope you have fun 😊

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