What if the prospect isn’t here (No Show)?

Updated 11 months ago by Maya Stern

What should I do and how long should I wait?

Don’t worry, you’ll still get paid even if the prospect doesn’t show up. We really appreciate your time!

If the prospect isn’t present at the beginning of the tour:

  1. Call the prospect to find out when they will arrive at the property.
  2.  If the prospect doesn’t answer, wait 5 minutes, then text them.
  3. If the prospect hasn't arrived after 15 minutes, finish the tour in the app and mark it as a 'No Show'. Add comments about your attempt to call and text the prospect, with their reply (when applicable.)
  4. If they are running 10-15 minutes late, please text or call Showdigs to let us know. Another tour might be scheduled for just after and we will try to accommodate.

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